9 Seater Car Rental

This website can help you to find a firm offering 9 seater car hire that’s dependable and affordable. There are many choices for 9 seater car rental ranging from cheap options to more expensive ones. Choosing your car hire company, you should always think about what kind of driving experience you wish to have, how much space you require, how long you will be travelling for and how much the rental will cost.

Having a car is very practical for people who are travelling long distances or taking a holiday. For example, if you are going camping or to a festival, with a vehicle you will be able to fit your group plus all your camping equipment into the car with ease. If you’re going away somewhere, you can ensure that everyone is seated comfortably and can relax on the journey.

It can sometimes be confusing or stressful to use public transport, especially if you have a lot to carry, you’re abroad or you have young children with you, but with a nine seater, you can avoid this. You can go anywhere you like, whenever you want, without having to wait around for buses and trains, and you will be able to see the areas of the country not generally visited by tourists. It opens up all sorts of possibilities for your holiday or break and will help you to make the most of your time.

The hire will include all the extras you need such as insurance and breakdown cover. It is important to make sure that your car includes everything you will need during your journey or if not, that you will easily be able sort this out for yourself.

As well as a car that you drive yourself, you may also be looking for chauffeur driven cars or people carriers to take you on a day out or for a special occasion, in which case you will also find plenty of high quality companies who are just waiting to transport you to your destination.

Whether you need a car for just for a day or for longer term rental, if you are looking for 9 seater to use in the UK or to take away on holiday, this site will help you to find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily.

VW Transporter Shuttle

A large family vehicle that features the best of a car, a van and a minibus? Where can you go rent that? Apparently everywhere. The next vehicle we’re going to have a look at possesses qualities expected of a quality rental vehicle, particularly one suited for busing around a family on holiday.

The VW Transporter Shuttle is that vehicle. They’re trendy, they’re veterans to the market (so, they’re relatively inexpensive to rent) and they’re somewhat of a ‘campervan’ to those looking for a big enough vehicle for their family holidays. Let’s take a closer look at why that’s so.


Although sold as an 8 Seater, the VW Transporter Shuttle is best known for its spacious 9 Seater model.

All of the seats can be folded down or, if you’d like, removed completely from the main cabin. If you’re worried about the space, these seats can be moved aside to allow more space within the car’s interior, allowing luggage and other things to be kept inside with no issues whatsoever.

What also makes this vehicle easy to use is its large sliding doors. The doors provide easy access to tight spots, particularly if you’re parked in an area where space is decidedly too restricted. And, if you’re concerned about operating the doors themselves, there’s the option of electronically powering those same doors to make going in and out of the vehicle even more convenient for the entire family.

The VW Transporter Shuttle also comes with ample amenities, depending on the model you choose to rent.


The Basic model comes with a standard radio and CD player; in ‘upgraded models,’ they’ll include optional extras, including CD changers, Bluetooth connectivity, digital radio, video control, a satellite navigation system and a 30GB hard drive to save the vehicle’s important data when on the go.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The VW Shuttle 9 Seater?

There’s a reason why you’ll see iterations of the VW Transporter Shuttle at various airports, taxi companies and other highly populated areas around the world. It makes an incredibly formidable travel van for an entire party. Or, a family on holiday, in this case.

Go ahead and rent this one for your next family holiday—just don’t forget to include the amenities, too.

Toyota Hiace 9 Seater

Cost is one factor that stops many a people from heading out on holiday. Usually, this happens when they can’t find a vehicle or even have a vehicle that’s suitable enough to bus around their family.

If you’re concerned about such a matter, perhaps you would fare better shopping for a less expensive rental vehicle? Or, at least, also find a cheaper holiday destination that everyone likes.

It seems the Toyota Hiace is an old favourite that’s still recommended as a formidable rental vehicles. Let’s learn why the Toyota Hiace is still favoured in our look at the Toyota Hiace 9 Seater.


The Hiace is considered one of Toyota‘s largest panel vans, clearly intended as a cheaper alternative to the decidedly modern Mercedes-Benz Vito, Renault Traffic and Volkswagen Transporter. Although this van has been around for the past few decades, its age exactly doesn’t take away from its inherent usability.


Let’s start with the cargo—after all, you’re working with a large van, here. The short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase models will hold at least a tonne in weight—as both respectively weigh well over 2800kg and 3000kg.

This van, over the years, has accumulated several different versions, either short-wheelbase or long-wheelbase. Some later models, to provide an example, have a tailgate in place of double rear doors.

SWB models notably have enough space to a single Euro-pallet, while LWB models have enough space to accommodate as much as two. That should give you an idea about how much these vans can carry.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Toyota Hiace 9 Seater?

If you’re planning to rent the Toyota Hiace 9 Seater, do know that you’re getting a sturdy, reliable and, frankly, classic van that’ll probably provide the space you need.

Note that there are some concessions you’ll have to make—to start, this van’s interior seating is notably slightly cramped, making holiday travel a bit of a nuisance. For brief drives between holiday locations, you probably can’t find anything that would do the job as well as this inexpensive vehicle can.

Renault Trafic 9 Seater

Economic in costs and fuel, comfortable and cleverly designed—when it comes to space; that’s what a lot of people expect out of the perfect holiday rental vehicle. Perhaps that’s why many choose the Renault Trafic 9 Seater as a formidable rental.

But, why do we so readily call the Renault Trafic formidable? Well, you’ll learn why in this brief review.


When we think about formidable, we literally think of ‘capable of anything.’ And, interestingly enough, the Renault Trafic is very capable of doing what you want it to do.

All right, this modern van will cost a bit to rent—but, hear us out. You’ll be paying for extras, for perks that will only fortify your holiday and not work against it. After all, what rental van can host your entire office while you’re on holiday?


It’s true—as a modern van, the Renault Trafic has a large and very spacious cabin. It’s so spacious that it’s good enough to host an entire working environment, but the interior possesses enough passenger car touches to remind everyone inside that it’s still very much a vehicle.

You’ll find a well constructed interior that’s well integrated with modern conveniences – such as smartphone-friendly cradles in the Business+ models – and space efficiency characteristic of the Renault Trafic line.

But, you probably want to know about the seating. Okay, let’s take a look then.

The seating and load space are as practical as you would expect. Newer Renault Trafics actually retain much of the same load space as older models, which is a sound compromise in terms of retaining the vehicle’s space constrictions. Some minor changes, however, have allowed the Renault Trafic (including smaller models) to carry more than they look like.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Renault Trafic 9 Seater?

The Renault Trafic 9 Seater, a minibus, is a sound rental for those heading on holiday with the entire family. The changes made to the previously existing Renault Trafic have turned this family of vehicles into even better road counterparts. Simply put, if you’re travelling, go ahead and rent this one for the holiday.

Opel Vivaro 9 Seater

If you’re planning a family holiday, perhaps the best option for your transportation needs is a minivan.

Minivans are practical and they’re certainly large enough to do the job of busing around a family for a long term holiday. Or, a short term one. Either way, if you’re planning to travel long distances with your family, who not rent a minivan to carry your group around with no space issues?

The Vauxhall Opel Vivaro is a spacious 9 Seater vehicle that gets that job done. Derived from commercial counterparts, this minivan efficiently buses around large parties of people from place to place. But, will it be your next rental? Let’s learn why it should be.


As a 9 Seater, this minivan has a lot of space. Even though it sports a big interior, you’re still going to have a relatively easy time loading up everyone’s luggage with without wasting any time.

The seats are situated in three rows, seating three people in each row. The front row, in particular, hosts the driver’s seat and two additional seats, the two decidedly made for smaller passengers. All in all, the composition of the seats will make for rather interesting seating arrangements among your family.


Behind the back row of seats is enough space to keep everyone’s luggage without slipping them in the nooks of each row. The load area there is a bit narrower than other minivans, but it still provides enough good space. You can still use the spaces underneath each seat row as additional space—soft bags and small, flat boxes fit nicely there.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Opel Vivaro 9 Seater?

It’s a bit of a tight fit at first, but the Vauxhall Opel Vivaro is a formidable rental minivan for families on the go. Or, in this case, on a holiday. If you’re able to rent this minivan at a good price, there’s no reason not to try it out should you feel strongly about the vehicle.

Mercedes Vito Traveliner 9 Seater

When you hear the name Mercedes-Benz, you know you’re likely to get a quality vehicle. And, given how expensive these vehicles tend to be, renting one seems a lot more favourable than attempting to outright buy one.

Though, this make of vehicle isn’t just for the luxurious traveller. It’s also well suited for families who want to travel comfortably on their next holiday. Here’s our brief review for the Mercedes Vito Traveliner 9 Seater.


The Mercedes-Benz Vito line is comprised of fine minibuses and vans that are, naturally, well appreciated for their innate finesse and quality. The Traveliner, in particular, further pushes those expectations and creates a vehicle well worth of renting for a family holiday.

This vehicle is available in three sizes—extra long, long and compact. The availability of sizes makes it so you don’t have to take a long a larger vehicle if you don’t need that much space. But, all three models pack a lot of space into their elegant chassis.


If you’re concerned about how space works inside the cabin of such a vehicle, there’s really nothing to worry about. The seating, particularly the rearmost seating, can easily be moved from the main load area, turning a comfortable minibus into a van.

You can also move the middle row and reverse its direction to allow passengers to face each other while on the road. So, if the family feels more comfortable sitting in such a manner, that’s entirely possible. After all, there’s enough space to interact with each other in this vehicle.

Although the rest of the interior is resilient, do know that the flooring is plastic and, while reinforced and non-slip, is decidedly weaker than expected. You would want to keep a long mat to place on the floor, if you can get one, to protect it so.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Mercedes Vito Traveliner 9 Seater?

Elegance, resilience and luxury—if you want your family or your party to travel glamourously, this Mercedes-Benz Vito Traveliner 9 Seater is perhaps your best choice in rental when travelling comfortably and fashionably when on holiday.

Citroen Jumper 9 Seater

How big can a 9 Seater get? Well, the Citroen Dispatch Combi is as big as a 9 Seater gets. At its core, it’s a van that’s been comfortably converted into a large MPV and, naturally, is spacious enough to carry 9 passengers without compromising the rest of the vehicle’s space.

In fact, it’s recommended not to use or rent this vehicle if you’re not busing about a larger party. Though, if you’re travelling with family on holiday, you’re going to want to rent a bigger vehicle anyway—especially if you’re on the road. Let’s briefly review the Citroen Dispatch Combi 9 Seater.


Spacious and roomy, the Citroen Dispatch Combi – also known as the Citroen Jumper/Jumpy – is a great family vehicle. To express just how roomy this vehicle is, let’s look at the seating.


The seating in this vehicle is situated where a van’s traditional loading bay would reside. Though, the seats themselves are arranged much in the style of a minibus—comfortable, durable and practical enough to carry at least 9 people on a long journey.

There’s a bit of a nuisance with the rear seats. Many people consider them difficult to remove, since you do have to exert some energy removing them in order to create more space in the back. Despite the trouble with the rear seats, the main cabin is very spacious and will make a family feel much more comfortable when on the road for hours on end.

Not only that, it’s also a comfortable, easy ride—the handling feels more like a van, but the robust air-suspension system smooths out the kink that would otherwise make driving a chore.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Citroen Jumper 9 Seater?

Bigger is better in this case. The Citroen Dispatch Combi 9 Seater is a winner when it comes to large family vehicle rentals. If you need more space when you’re on a road holiday, go ahead and rent this vehicle if you can find it.

Ford Transit 9 Seater

Those planning a holiday should want to rent an appropriate vehicle for the entire family, right?

In that case, you might be interested learning more about the following 9 Seater rental vehicle. A far bigger version of the well known Transit Custom van, the Ford Tourneo Custom represents a ‘transit’ into a carrying van that’s well suited for large parties gone on holiday.


Let’s start with the inside—or, rather, the seating.

The Tourneo ships with 8 individual seats: two up in front, three taking up the middle and three at the rear of the vehicle. If you want an extra seat, just request the 9 Seater if renting; this version of the Ford Tourneo Custom comes with an additional seat at the cost of an extra £100 (estimated).


If you’re worried about the fit, don’t fret. All 9 seats fit quite comfortable within the main cabin. Taller adults will feel at home in the cabin, as the ceiling sits high above the seats, accentuating how large the cabin actually is.

Those concerned about the closeness of the seats will like that each row of seats – even with the ninth seat in place – don’t crowd together. All of the seats have a significant amount of leg room, particularly the middle row. As mentioned, the roof-ceiling hangs high over the seats, providing an ample amount of head room.

It’s also easy to enter and exit the Ford Tourneo Custom. The large sliding doors make slipping out of the tightest spaces easier done. If you’re worried about the rest of the cabin, whether it’d have enough space even with the seats out, you’d be surprised.

Even with the seats rolled out, there’s an ample amount of room remaining for luggage and all sorts of carry-ons. The 922-litre, short-wheelbase model is just as spacious as the hefty 1477-litre, long-wheelbase model.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Ford Transit 9 Seater?

If you’re searching for a spacious Ford Transit 9 Seater to rent, the Ford Tourneo Custom is an excellent choice of vehicle. Even with its 9 seats rolled out, all of your patrons will have enough space to stretch out and relax while on the road.

Fiat Scudo 9 Seater

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider a 9 Seater car hire for your next holiday, whether with family, friends or colleagues. Smaller cars are far too constricted to even fathom taking a party of more than 6 on the road. Mid-sized vehicles have size on their side, but it’s not enough, isn’t it? That’s why a 9 Seater will get the job done instead.

A 9 Seater like the Fiat Scudo could end up doing that job for you. It’s a vehicle that shares its chassis with the Peugeot Expert and the Citroen Dispatch, boasting a formidable performance when on the road. But, will it fulfill the space requirements of a holiday trip worthy of a full party? Let’s find out.


Several models of the Fiat Scudo are available—5 body styles, to be more specific. Each vary the overall construction and, notably, height of the vehicle, making it so consumers have a choice on the buyers’ and renters’ market.


That said, the Fiat Scudo comes plenty equipped with space. The 9 seats are all situated comfortably within the main cabin. The dual passenger seat is large enough to seat 3 people, so that should give you an idea about how big this vehicle is. With that, the driver’s seat is height adjustable, along with the steering wheel, making driving much more comfortable for the designated driver.

The Fiat Scudo’s seating is plenty supportive, which makes long drives as comfortable for the passengers as the driver’s seat does for the driver. Some models have optional trim, formidable luxury for those who can afford such perks. There’s also a lot of space in the seating areas; door pockets, a deep glove box and storage bin make up some of the storage fare in the vehicle.

Verdict ~ Should You Rent The Fiat Scudo 9 Seater?

Space and comfort in one vehicle—that’s what you should expect from the Fiat Scudo 9 Seater. With all the 9 Seater options on the market today, selecting the Fiat Scudo is a wise choice. It’s comfortable and spacious, making a suitable rental that you’ll probably come back to after the first time.